Zona Rosa's Story Code Index

This index attempts to list the current story codes used for stories in alt.sex.stories and alt.sex.stories.moderated.

The index is meant to be inclusive, and in some cases may list alternate forms of a code. A code is added when ten (10) separate authors have used it. Codes for smaller or specialized genres may be added when five (5) separate authors have used it. A code will be moved to the Archaic Index when it has not been used in twelve (12) consecutive months.

For simplicity, all codes will be listed in lower-case when not case-sensitive.

I'm not perfect. If I've missed the meaning or a nuance of a code, please let us know and I'll check it.

This index was created and is maintained by Zona Rosa. All changes will be made at Zona Rosa's discretion.

Suggestions are welcome. Email to zona.rosa@verizon.net.

sample story and coding.

{ASSM} Jane's Party {FF cons rom}

[F] /gender/ - adult female

[cons] /gen act/ - consensual activity

[rom] /genre/ - romance


Recent Additions

[sad] /gen act/ /bdsm/ - sadism. [cd] /gen act/ - cross dressing. [con] /gen act/ - consensual activity. [light] /emph/ - used before another code to descibe a light or limited degree of that activity. [mild] /emph/ - used before another code to descibe a lesser or limited degree of that activity. [scfi] /genre/ - science fiction


Recent Subtractions

[i/r] /genre/ - see [ir].


The Index

[+] /gender/ - indicates more than one of such character (ie. F+ means "more than one adult female") [/] /bdsm/ - between two codes may indicate positions (ie. M/F means "dom-male. sub-female). [/] /gender/ - when placed between gender codes indicates interaction between those characters

[1st] /gen act/ /genre/ - first time sex.

[anal] /gen act/ - anal sex.

[b] /gender/ - boy. [bd] /bdsm/ - bondage and discipline. [bdsm] /genre/ - bondage-discipline-sado-masochism. [best] /genre/ - sexual activity with animal. [bi] /gen act/ - bisexual. [bond] ] /bdsm/ - use of restraints.

[cbt] /bdsm/ - cock-and-ball-torture. [cd] /gen act/ - cross dressing. [celeb] /genre/ - story involving a celebrity. [cheat] /gen act/ - adultery. [con] /gen act/ - consensual activity. [cons] /gen act/ - consensual activity. [cuck] /gen act/ - cuckhold.

[ds] /bdsm/ - dominance and submission.

[exh] /gen act/ - exhibitionism. [exhib] /gen act/ - exhibitionism.

[F] /bdsm/ - dominant female. [F] /gender/ - adult female. [f] /bdsm/ - submissive female. [f] /gender/ - teenage female. [Fdom] /bdsm/ - dominant female [femdom] /bdsm/ /genre/ - dominant female. [filk] /genre/ - new words set to familiar music. [first] /gen act/ /genre/ - first time sex. [fist] /gen act/ - fisting. [flash] /genre/ - extremely short fiction. [furry] /genre/ - sex with an anthropomorphic creature.

[g] /gender/ - girl. [gang] /gen act/ - gangbang. [group] /gen act/ - group sex.

[herm] /gender/ - hermaphrodite. [hist] /genre/ - historical. [hum] /gen act/ - humiliation. [hum] /genre/ - humor. [humil] /gen act/ - humiliation.

[inc] /gen act/ - incest. [interr] /gen act/ - interracial. [ir] /gen act/ - activity between characters of different races. Often each race will have specific attributes.

[lac] /gen act/ - lactation. [les] /gen act/ - lesbian. [light] /emph/ - used before another code to descibe a light or limited degree of that activity.

[M] /bdsm/ - dominant male (see also gender). [M] /gender/ - adult male. [m] /gender/ - teenage male. [m] /bdsm/ - submissive male (see also gender). [mast] /gen act/ - masturbation. [mc] /genre/ - mind control. [Mdom] /bdsm/ - dominant male. [mild] /emph/ - used before another code to descibe a lesser or limited degree of that activity.

[nc] /gen act/ - non-consensual. [nosex] /gen act/ - no sexual activity or intercourse.

[oral] /gen act/ - oral sex.

[ped] /gen act/ - sexual contact with child. [pedo] /gen act/ - sexual contact with child. [pett] /gen act/ - petting. [preg] /gen act/ /genre/ - pregnant character.

[reluc] /gen act/ - reluctant participation. [rev] /note/ - revision. [rom] /gen act/ - romance. [rom] /genre/ - romance. [rough] /gen act/ - rough sexual activity. use of force. [rp] /note/ - repost.

[sad] /gen act/ /bdsm/ - sadism. [safe] /gen act/ - safe sex. [scat] /gen act/ - erotic use of feces. includes consumption. [scfi] /genre/ - science fiction. [scifi] /genre/ - science fiction. [sf] /genre/ - science fiction. speculative fiction. [size] /gen act/ - exaggerated body parts. [slow] /gen act/ - erotic content late in story or in later episode. [slut] /genre/ - slut wife. [sm] /bdsm/ - sado-masochism. [snuff] /genre/ - erotic or sexually-charged death/murder. [solo] /gen act/ - erotic or sexual activity by oneself. Masturbation. [spank] /gen act/ - erotic spanking.

[teen] /gen act/ - teenage character(s). [tg] /genre/ - transgender. [tort] /gen act/ - torture. [toys] /gen act/ - use of sexual aids [true] /genre/ - true story. [tv] /gen act/ - transvestite.

[veg] /gen act/ - erotic or sexual use of food. [viol] /gen act/ - violence. [voy] /gen act/ - voyeurism.

[wife] /gen act] - slut wife. [ws] /gen act/ - water sports.

[zoo] /genre/ - relationship with animal. May or may not include sex.

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