Wife watching

Janice: ("Whispering") " ;Oh God, Harry, that feels so good! "

Harold is behind Janice, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. He's being as quiet as he can as he does so.

J: "Nnnn-nggg-ggg-ohhhhh..."

H: " Shhh. What are they doing now? "

J: "<He's got her on all fours on the edge of the bed and he's taking her from behind in the pussy. His cock's so huge, he's taking such long strokes, she's almost bouncing up in the air every time he hits bottom!>"

Harold keeps pumping, reaching around to pull on his wife's nipples.

J: "<You like that, Harry? You like it when I say dirty words? When I tell you about the filthy things they're doing?>"

His only response is to give her a few extra-hard strokes.

J: "Ohhhhh, yesssss!"

H: "<Shhh!>"

J: "<They've moved. He's on his back now, and she's got him in her mouth. She's taking the whole thing! My lord, it's got to reach half way to her stomach! Wait ... yes, he's got a dildo, and he's shoving it in and out of her twat. He's fucking her with a dildo while she's sucking him all the way to the root. That feels nice, Harry. Do it a bit harder.>"

Harold starts putting a little more effort into each thrust. His hips begin to make wet, slapping sounds as they hit the backs of her legs.

J: "<Now they're rolling around. What the ...? Oh, God! Harry! She's got a dildo too, and she's sticking it up his ass!>"

H: "<Unnnh, Janice, this is so good, I don't think I can hold off much longer!>"

J: "<Then stick it in my ass now, Harry. I want to feel you pumping all that hot sticky stuff into my guts!>"

He pulls out, lubricates, then starts pushing at her back hole.

J: "<Slow and easy, oooh, that's the way. Oh. OH! Stop for a minute, let me get used to you being in there. You aren't exactly small, you know!>"

H: "<So you keep telling me.>"

Harold shifts a bit to a slightly more comfortable position. "<What are they doing now?>"

J: "<They've moved again. They're still sixty-nining, but now he's on top. He's fucking her face with that log he calls a cock, going all the way in on every stroke. I can see the lump in her throat when he pushes down! And now he's got both dildos. One is in her cunt, the other one's in her ass, and he's pumping them both in and out in time to his fucking. Start doing me now, it's feeling good.>"

H: "<Lord, you're tight back here. It's not gonna be long before I pop.
Here, let me at that clitty of yours.>"

Janice lifted and bent her left leg until Harold had free and easy access to what they both wanted him to play with.

J: "<Ohhh, yessss, you do that nice. Keep pumping hard, I'm close too.>"

They keep at it like that for a few minutes.

H: "<Oh god, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna fill your ass with cum!>"

J: "<Do it! Do it now! Oh god, he's pulled out of her mouth! He's squirting all over her face and tits! Four, five, six! Six big squirts, and now he's rubbing it into her skin with his prick!>"

H: "<I'm c-cumming!>"

Harold pushes hard into his wife's ass several times, but keeps rubbing her clit.

J: "<Don't stop! I'm so close, I'm - I - >"

J: "I'm cummmiiiiIIIIIIIII<mmmmmph>!"

Harold clamps his hand over his wife's mouth as she squeals in ecstasy, muffling the noise.

H: "<Shhhh!>"

Janice continues to moan and groan through her climax, but a little less loudly. They settle down, and she relaxes back into his arms. He's still semi-hard and still in her ass. She wriggles a bit to feel him move.

J: "<That was nice. Do you think they heard us?>"

Both are silent for a moment.

H: "<I don't hear anything. No, the twins are probably still asleep.>"

J: "<Good. You know, one of these days we're gonna have to get you glasses you can wear to bed.>"

H: "<Either that or we get a much bigger TV.>"


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