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Saturday evening: Hardesty's

  Terry rang the Hardesty's bell promptly at six-thirty.  Jackie let him

in quietly, only to find her mother standing in the kitchen door with her hands on her hips, glaring. Nonetheless, the pair did not back down, moving instead to the den and setting up for the movie. Jennifer swallowed her pride, ascertained what toppings they wanted, and ordered the pizza. As the movie started, she dropped into a chair and pointedly watched the "pair of sex fiends" for 2 1/2 hours.

  It was an extremely dull 2 1/2 hours - the pair lay on the floor, near

to each other, but not touching (except for holding hands) for the entire period. By the end of the movie, Jennifer had forgotten them and become engrossed in the movie despite herself. As the credits rolled up the screen, Jennifer got up and went to the kitchen to get a soda. While she was gone, the couple engaged in a quick kiss. The trio surfed the cable channels for an hour, and gave up. Terry collected the rental movie, and kissed Jackie passionately at the door - something Jennifer made shift to overlook. In fact, the evening had left her feeling somewhat the heel; aside from his occasional tigerish episodes - which were endearing in themselves - Terry was a sweet boy, and quite a catch, Jennifer had to admit. And it was VERY clear that her almost irrational behavior was driving a wedge between herself and her daughter. That the previous evening's activity (what she knew of it) had been outrageously salacious was undeniable - but the apparently universal opinion of the other interested parties that it was a reaction to the environment of repression the pair was operating in had begun to sink in. Jennifer resolved to take it a bit easier on the couple, acting more as an anchor than like a brick wall.

  She might have been less forgiving had she discovered the events

unfolding upstairs, even though they actually followed the scenario almost exactly.

  Terry had gone out to his car and discovered that he just could NOT go

home. There was too much emotion pent up inside him. He drove his wagon a few doors down so that it would not be conspicuously parked out front, and returned on foot. When Jackie's bedroom light came on a few minutes later, he was there to witness it.

  Jackie went up to bed at 10:30.  The TV had not improved, and she

decided to read in bed, so she said goodnight to her mother and drifted upstairs. Once in her room, she shucked out of her jeans and tube top and put on a white baby-doll nightie with matching panties. She stood there for a moment, examining herself in the mirror over her dresser. Would this do for after the Prom? Jackie had already decided that in 7 days she would no longer be a virgin; she was going to give herself to Terry on Prom night - one way or another... Then came a quiet thump, followed by a gentle tapping at the window.

  Terry had stepped back to get a view through the sheer curtains,

ascertaining that the person occupying the bedroom was indeed Jackie (the alternative beggared the imagination; Terry really didn't see how he would survive the night following such a mistake). Then he shinnied up the pillar on the left side of the front porch and, sitting on the porch roof, tapped at Jackie's window.

  Jackie turned to the window, discovering Terry squatting there.  She

slid open the pane and asked "How long have you been there?" Had he seen her naked?

  Terry grinned.  "I just arrived.  Let me in?"

  Jackie undid the catches on the window screen, which Terry then

collected and laid gently on the porch roof. Moments later, the window was again closed, and Jackie was gently squirming in his arms under the impact of a gentle kiss. Jackie turned off the overhead light, replacing it's illumination with the somewhat more romantic gentle light of her bedside lamp at it's lowest setting, and the couple sat on the bed.

  There ensued a bit over an hour of the most exquisite necking that

either had ever experienced. The focus was on romance and discovery, not sex, and they spent the period delighting in the feel of each other's bodies and seeing how lost they could get in kisses. Jackie denied Terry nothing - but Terry denied himself access to Jackie's mons and inner thighs; the closest he got was squeezing and cupping her sweet, sweet ass. Her pert, pink capped, puffy titties got a thorough working over from his hands, but he kept his mouth generally above her shoulders - there was a neck, and cheeks, and ears to tease when he wasn't directly engaged by Jackie's lips and tongue. At some point, Terry shucked out of his jeans in an effort to avoid the agony of his constant erection - but that was the sole purpose of the exercise. Jackie could find plenty of skin under his T shirt and other areas exposed by the action without further agitating him when he was obviously determined to be good.

  Terry had another reason for not going 'all the way':  Jackie had thus

far displayed a distinct tendency to be loudly orgasmic. The chances of discovery approached certainty should she attain orgasm - and Terry was damned if he was going to let her settle for anything less!

  Terry squeaked out the window at about 11:30, helping Jackie replace

the screen. "I'll see you tomorrow," he promised.

  "Call me!" Jackie whispered, smiling.

  Terry nodded, and disappeared over the edge of the roof, intent upon

making it home before 12:00.

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