The Jones' Big Day

It was breakfast time at the Jones' house. Rob Jones enjoyed eggs benedict and coffee while listening to the morning news report on the radio. His son, Ricky, munched on cereal with headphones on. Beneath the table came slurps and muffled grunts, as Rob's wife Laura and their daughter Jane did their part to make breakfast more enjoyable.

Laura sucked on Ricky's cock with the loving care of a mother, cupping her son's balls with one hand, crouched under the breakfast table on her knees. Her hair was blonde, in a nostalgic Doris Day cut. A small gold ring ran through the septum of her nose, and was attached to a gold chain in her son's hand. Ricky didn't give her much slack, so Laura was forced to keep her movements small and rapid. When she occasionally slowed down, her son would give the chain a painful tug, causing her to yip and redouble her efforts.

Jane went down on her father like a piledriver, her hands bracing herself one his knees. Her hair was long, crimson, and pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her father had his left hand wrapped around Jane's hair, using his grip to impale his daughter's throat on his cock. He kept her a slower pace than her mother, occasionally resting her mouth at the base of his penis, his shaft down her throat and blocking her airway. He enjoyed the throat spasms and frantic jerks from his little fellatrix's head this would cause.

Eventually the eggs bendict and cereal, carefully prepared by Laura before the two men of the house woke up, was finished. Rob and Ricky leaned back with contented sighs, which was the signal for Laura and Jane to finish up and bring them off. Mother and dughter increased their speed and suction, milking and possible cum from their men like the hungriest of newborn calves. These men, stated, relaxes, totally at peace with the world, came. Laura greedily gulped down her son's seed, then proceeded to throughly lick him clean, applying the same care and attention she would to matting down a rigue cowlick if he was younger. Jane, not able to breathe for the past minute of breakfast, lost concisouness to the sensation of her father's cock throbbing in her throat. She awoke gasping as her father held her limp body up by her hair and calmly slapped her face until she came to. He let go of her ponytail and she collapsed onto the kitchen floor, breathing deeply.

Their breakfast done, the men turned down their prespective entertainments and discussed the affairs of the day, such as what Ricky was going to do this first Saturday after having gone back to high school. Laura and Jane went to their bowls underneath the table digging into their gruel laced, with important and nutrious vitamins, drugs, and hormones. They dug into the meal with gusto, crouching on all fours and planting their faces into the bowls. Good girls didn't use their hands to eat.

"Well Jane, its about time we had your roasting. I was thinking the day after tomorrow." Rob said, looking down affectionatley at his only daughter. "Is there anyone special you'd like to invite?"

Jane looked up from her breakfast bowl, shocked. "But Daddyee," she whined, "I don't wanna be roasted!"

"Muffin, I can't support your cut little ass forever," Rob said. Jane's butt wriggle involuntairly at the compliment. "Now, you don't have a job, so you can't pay me to take care of you. You aren't married so you don't have a husband to take care of you. The only other role you can usefully fufill in society is as meat.

Say, you don't have happen to have a boy on the side, do you? If you got engaged, I might transfer your meat rights over to your husband to be."

Jane shook her head glumly. At eighteen, she was much to old to expect marriage. Most boys when they got married, choose girls were around twelve or thirteen. This was so the husband could properly train the girld to be his perfect wife. Even then, Jane reflected, wives only lasted a few years before they wore out an were discarded. Laura was Rob's fifth wife, and at 23 had lasted a lot longer than some others. Like Jane's birth mother.

"But Daddy, what if I got a job? Then I'd be making you money, instead of costing you money."

Rob leaned over slightly and idly started digging his fork into the flesh of his daughter's ass.

"Hmmm. Do you reall think this liitle ass of yours could earn enough money to make it worthwile keeping you around?" Jane writhed as the tines of the fork pierced her skin and drew blood.

"Ah! Y-yes, I'm- Sweet Jesus!- s-sure, daddy. Please, please..."

Rob took the fork out of his daughter and wiped the blood on the small of her back.

"Hmmm. All right. You have until the end of today to find a job that will pay me enough to support you, If you do, you get to live another few years. If you don't, we'll have a nice family supper with you as the main course. Okay?"

Jane whined, "But Daddyee-"

"Listen to your father, dear." Laura said, lifting her head out of her bowl, gruel running down her cheeks.

"Yes, mommy." Jane grumbled.

So, she had one day to find a job, or her family would slaughter and cook her. It looked like today was going to be a big day.

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