Swimming pool submission

I'd done it a dozen times before. Sneaking into my neighbor's backyard pool late at night was something I was getting used to doing. I always thought that if someone caught me I'd be able to talk myself out of trouble.

Being a cute girl had always been some protection against the wrath that could have otherwise fallen on me when I misbehaved. I'd just look really scared and even cry a little and the person yelling at me would always end up comforting me and I'd always get away with whatever I'd done.

I lived in Phoenix Arizona at the time and we didn't have a swimming pool. My folks didn't want to run up high energy bills so we had to sweat it out all night, and I just finally got tired of being hot all the time and came up with my late night pool sojourns.

One night I finally got caught sneaking into our next- door neighbor's pool so I had to look farther a field. I didn't really know the neighborhood that well only having lived there since the beginning of school that fall. But I did know who had a pool and who didn't.

So I made the fateful decision one Saturday night to invade the back yard of someone I didn't really know that lived 4 houses down from us. I knew that some college guys lived there and figured that if I got caught I'd be able to bat my eyes at them innocently and talk my way out of trouble again.

Boy was I wrong.

Around 11 o'clock I successfully negotiated the walk down the street in my bathing suit and bare feet. No one saw me as I snuck past the unlocked gate and quietly slipped into the swimming pool. It was heaven; the cool water instantly lowered my body temperature and made me feel almost human again after sweltering all day.

I was floating on my back enjoying the feeling of cool refreshing water when I felt something touch my left breast. I panicked and submerged, taking in a mouthful of pool water. When I came to the surface sputtering, I realized that I was no longer alone in the pool.

There were three dark shapes ringed around me. I knew that I was in trouble, but I didn't know just how much. I tried to clear my throat and was about to tell them how sorry I was for trespassing on their property when one of the shapes moved toward me so that I could tell that it was a guy who looked to be in his late twenties.

Then the other two guys moved in on me and I became really frightened. I knew that I had no right to be there, and I was afraid that they were going to hurt me or something. I backed away but didn't move fast enough because the guy who made the first move grabbed my arm and tugged me to him.

I was in shock when he pulled me close to his body, and with one fist gripping my hair he brutally kissed me, biting my lip and jamming his tongue into my mouth. I struggled harder but he was too strong for me.

Suddenly all three of them were up close and I felt my swimsuit being tugged at. I felt the material tearing away and the uncomfortable sensation of being naked in the water beside these strange scary men.

I struggled harder; my breath was coming fast and harsh now. I was frightened beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. Why were these men doing this? Who were they?

Then I thought about what I should do and I yelled at the top of my lunges. I screamed. Then suddenly I saw stars and experienced a searing pain at the back of my head. I was struggling to breathe now, in total shock. Someone had hit me from behind and then dunked me under the water. They held me under. I couldn't breathe. I was drowning. I began to breathe water and my senses turned gray as I felt myself losing consciousness.

Then I was finally yanked up out of the water by my hair. I was in pain and completely panicked now. I was sputtering and sobbing in fear. One of the men swam up to me and pulled my arm behind my back and growled into my ear, "You little bitch, if you make one more sound I'll personally hold you under until you're dead. You got that?"

All I could do was nod my head, my throat still burned from breathing water and I was so scared now that I couldn't have talked if I'd wanted to.

I jumped as I felt a hand roughly thrust between my legs. OH MY GOD! They were going to molest me. OH FUCK NO! How could this be happening to me, what had I ever done to deserve this?

I knew that I'd gotten myself into this and that all I could do was try to live through it. I knew that I would do just about anything to stop these men from fucking me. I had always taken particular care of my body and hadn't even let my boyfriends do anything to it other than touch. Now I had to contend with strangers who could have any kind of disease even a deadly one. That thought made me shiver in the cool water with renewed fear.

Then suddenly I was being lifted up and pulled to one of the men. I felt something pressing up between my legs, pressing against my unprotected pussy. I knew that this man was trying to stick himself into me and I started to silently struggle against him. I squirmed and wriggled, trying to get away.

It was no use though because soon the other two men moved in and held me tight. I was exhausted, I had been struggling against three strong men for what seemed like hours and I knew that I couldn't fight back much longer.

Then as I continued to kick and hit and wriggle around, feebly hitting at my attacker I felt him pressing into me. It was a strange feeling, almost like having a bowel movement except that it was in the front. I knew what was happening, but there was nothing I could do about it.

As I felt the man work his way deeper into me I finally stopped struggling. What was the point? Also I could barely breathe I was so tired from fighting them off.

I was at the edge of the pool with one of the men holding me from behind while the other fucked me in long shuddering strokes. In my exhaustion I almost felt comfortable for the first time, resting on the man behind me. His hot flesh was pressed into my back and the man raping me brushed his warm skin against my front in a smooth rhythm as he thrust into me. It was weird, that feeling of cool water and warm flesh.

The first man didn't last very long. I think I knew when he emptied himself in me. I'd never had sex before but when he let out a long low groan and his body tensed against mine I knew what he was doing.

He kept thrusting for a while longer and then I felt him pull out of me. There was a momentary feeling of emptiness when he did. I was surprised at the feeling; I realized that what he'd done to me hadn't felt all that bad, and when he pulled out I had the momentary feeling that I was missing something. It was weird.

But when I realized that the other man who had been watching was coming up to me and I could see in the moonlight that he was naked and I could see what he was going to do, I weakly began to struggle with the third man holding me. It was no use though.

The new man attacking me had no problem moving between my legs and inserting himself. I stopped struggling again hoping that he'd get it over with and then there'd only be one man left. Maybe then I could get out of there and go home. (No more nightly pool hopping for me I resolved.)

It was a shock when the second man shoved home. I could tell that he was much bigger than the first. It felt like he was shoving himself into my intestines. Then he pulled back and shoved in again.

As he began to build a rhythm I unconsciously began to grunt with each thrust he made. He was actually knocking the breath out of me each time he embedded himself. I noticed that each time he thrust that my nude body was being pushed into the man holding me from behind.

It was still strangely comforting to have him there cushioning me from the cold pool surface. But I soon realized that the side affect of this rhythm was making my 'cushion' aroused. I could feel his hardness against my behind. I thought that if I could rub against him and keep the rhythm up a little longer that he might get off and I'd be able to get away with only two men raping me. So in my innocents I began to rub my backside against his erection.

That was another mistake in a long line of mistakes I'd made that night. After only a moment or two of me rubbing against him I felt a hand fumbling down there and gasped as he positioned himself at my butt hole.

I panicked again and started pleading with them to let me go. I struggled again with renewed determination but all to no avail. He didn't care if I was in pain or frightened, all he wanted was to stick me in the butt while his bastard friend nailed me from the front.

At first I didn't think it was possible for him to stick it in. But as I felt him working his way in I groaned in pain. It felt like a steel rod being inserted up my butt hole. The man fucking me redoubled his efforts as the one from behind slid deeper into my rear.

He didn't have to thrust, the one fucking me just pushed me further and further onto him. It was no longer comfortable to sit there in the cool water with the warm flesh cradling me. His tuber was causing extreme discomfort and the man fucking me only added pain each time he thrust into me.

Then all was silent for a moment. I hadn't realized that there was so much grunting and groaning going on until it stopped. We all three held our breath, then suddenly the man in front of me tensed and I could actually feel a tinkling spurt of something hot filling me. Then the bastard underneath began to thrust and moments later I knew from his satisfied groan that he'd emptied himself in my backdoor.

Vaguely as the two men pulled out of their respective holes, I realized that it was over. At least I thought it would be. But when the first man grinned at me in the moonlight I knew that I was going to get it again.

I started to sob as he pulled me over to the jacuzzi seat built into one side of the pool. He pushed me front first over the seat and moved up behind me and I felt his big woody slip into my abused pussy from behind. I just held my position and he began a slow even thrusting, and all I could do was wait for him to finish.

He seemed to go on forever. Each time he thrust deeply into me he pushed my body up against the cold cement of the pool. The contrast of his hot slick meat buried in me as he thrust and the cold hard cement began to make me feel funny as I leaned there facing the seat.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't want it to happen and I didn't enjoy it, but after a few minutes of his steady thrusting I felt my body begin to tense. Then there was an electrical flash that ran from my cunt to every extremity of my body and I was having an orgasm. I was confused and ashamed. How could this be happening to me? I hated these brutal men, but my body was responding to them.

I just seemed to let it happen after that. I was submissive to an extreme, letting them position me anyway they wanted. I even vaguely remember sucking a couple of them off before they finally tired. But before they were tired I was taken over and over again. And to think, this was my first real sexual experience with men.

And once the guys realized that I was getting off from their assaults on me there was no stopping them. I must have had at least 10 loads shot into me that night. I'm not really sure how many times they used me; I was just too freaked out by my own behavior to know what really happened.

And no, I didn't go back looking for more on another night. When they finally let me go I ran home and woke my parents up. I told them what had happened, (Leaving out the orgasm part) and they called the police.

As it turned out the college guys who lived there were away for the weekend and no one knew who'd attacked me.

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