Lesbian watersports

I was a freshman, waiting to be discovered. That's what it felt like. I'm sure you understand. Every 19 year old thinks she's destined for greatness and we don't have to look for it, it'll find us. 

What found me was Riva. 

She was singing with a band called 'Remote Control' in an

underground club not far from campus. They played covers of old Meat Puppets, The Clash, and English Beat. Stuff like that. 

You haven't heard 'Straight to Hell' until Riva sings it,

accompanied by a 12 string guitar and a lethargic drummer. It's torturously beautiful. The first time I heard it I wondered if I was in the right place.

The little club reeked of cloves, trendy cigarettes burning like

incense between red lips. No Goths allowed, but they let me in anyway. With my black lips and pierced nose. Short black hair edged blue like my eyes. I had eyes that belonged to an angel, bright and innocent and made for lying. 

I could say anything and my eyes would swear it was the truth.

Guys were hitting on me, cause it was that kind of place. College.

Open season on girls and we didn't mind. Any girl dumb enough to go out by herself, she was asking for it. I was down there practically begging.

"Vodka..." Riva was behind me, taking a break and getting

something to drink. "You want something?" she asked. 

It took me a second to realize she was talking to me. I was busy

talking to some guy named Mitchie.

"What?" I turned my head, feeling her hand on my shoulder.

"You want something to drink?" she repeated and the bartender was


"Yeah, whatever," I shrugged, turning back to Mitch and his barely

clever innuendos. He was cute anyway and...

"You don't need him." Riva touched me again. "My dick's bigger

than his."

"Really?" I smiled. I wasn't sure if I should be amused or

annoyed. I wasn't lez, but I wasn't a flaming hetero either.

"Hey..." My new boyfriend didn't like the interruption.

"What? You wanna step outside, bitch?" Riva leaned closer. It was

clear that this punked-out, Snow White on crack looking girl wouldn't mind kicking Mitchie's ass right then.

He picked up his drink and walked away.

"See?" the girl nodded like she knew it all the time. "I gotta do

one more set and then we'll go to my place."

That was how I ended up with Riva.

She was small and thin, a little demon with her black hair all

over the place. Leather pants and a black bra on her white skin. She was beautiful like a fire. The way you can't let it go.

"I'm gonna fuck you." Riva pulled me along the street.

"You talk like a guy," I decided with a smile.

"How do girls talk?"

"I dunno," I shrugged.

"Say something girly for me." Riva stopped suddenly, staring at


"We can still be friends," I said softly, giving her my eyes.

We stared at each other for three long heartbeats.

"Oh, fuck me!" Riva laughed. "I'm gonna spank you for that!"

She pulled me into another club. 

It was a strip club. The bouncer licked his lips and Riva was all

the ID we needed. Some girl danced on stage, licking chrome and spreading her long legs. A dozen guys watched, hooting and tossing money, but mostly drinking and giving us the eye as we walked past.

"In here..." Riva pulled me into the bathroom, dingy and green with

a yellow tile floor. No stalls. A toilet against the wall and a sink in the corner. 

"What's this?" I laughed and she slapped my face hard.

I blinked at her, feeling my eyes water and my skin burn.

"My bedroom." Riva sat on the toilet seat in her leather hipsters,

pulling me down.

I was a little bigger than her, but not really. Not like it

mattered. She put me across her thighs and I didn't stop her. I was hot all over, burning and my tits ached like was 12 years old again. Riva yanked my skirt up one way, my black panties down the other. 

I glanced over my shoulder at her, licking my lips and nodding.

"What?" She rubbed my ass, playing with it.

"Spank me."

"Say it again."

"Spank me..." I said louder, "...please."

"You're my girly bitch, huh?"

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Say it."

"I'm your..."




"Yeah." I stared into her dark eyes.

"Yeah." Riva spanked my ass hard.

She never made a promise she couldn't keep and my ass was red and

hot. I was squirming beneath her. I gasped moaned and sobbed, which was all Riva wanted from me. 

"Sweet..." Riva breathed, her small tits heaving under her top and

I was wet all over. My face, my body, my cunt all crying for her.

She fucked my pussy slowly, pushing a finger inside me and I

spread my thighs, arching my back and feeling that lingering pain in my ass. She worked me nice too, in and out, massaging my cunt, my clit, pulling her fingers out and pushing them back in. I was lifting my hips to find her, to get more, but she wasn't going to let me cum. Not yet.

"Move..." Riva stood up.

I took her place on that dirty toilet. My panties around one

ankle, my skirt bunched around my waist. I leaned back against the cold damp wall behind me, showing off my pussy. 

Riva opened her pants, like a boy would, pulling them down her

pale thighs and exposing her ruddy cunt. She pulled at her lips and started pissing, baptizing me, soaking my body and making a mess. I smiled and giggled, playing my fingers under the stream, rubbing her piss over my cunt, over my breasts and mouth. Tasting her. Loving her.

"Am I beautiful?"

"Fuck yeah." Riva reached for me, pulling my kiss to her dripping

cunt. "Make me cum."

I was 19 when greatness found me and I've been with her ever


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