Amy's Best BJ (FM oral true)

I have mentioned this story before, but here in full length is the complete story of the best blowjob my wife ever gave me.

To be accurate, she wasn't my wife at the time, just my horny fiance. I had gone to her place of work where she was closing up. Everyone else had gone off for the four day holiday, leaving her alone to clean up and lock up. I helped her with her duties, in order to hasten our dinner date.

I sat on a stool next to the high table while my wife to be finished up a little paperwork. Half the lights were out, giving the room an almost romantic feel. Well, as romantic as a shipping area can be.

Having finished her work, my fiancee sat on the stool next to me, planting a big kiss on me. "Thanks for the help!"

"Anytime..." I answered, returning her kiss. Our tongues intertwined, and before I realized it our hands were all over each other. In no time our shirts were both open, and I had freed her D cups from her bra. She was running her fingers through my chest hair while I fondeled her tits. Somehow we managed to get out of our tops, depositing them on the table with her bra.

I had opened the snap of her jeans and her fly, sliding my hands down her pants. I was pleased to find she'd left her panties at home, allowing me easy access to her soft furry crotch. She moaned audibly as warm moisture began oozing from her sex slit.

"Baby I want you. Please, PLEASE tell me you have a condom with you." she whispered in my ear. Sadly, I had to shake my head to the negative.

"Sorry baby, didn't expect to do anything."

"Damn. Shit. Shit shit shit shitshitSHIT!"

I pulled my finger from her pants. With a very lewd smile I licked off her tasty juices. "Well, you did promise to feed me tonight..." I said with an evil grin. She took my meaning instantly. She stood, letting her jeans drop to her knees. Hopping up she perched her plump butt on the table, kicked off her shoes and let her jeans fall to the floor. Fully naked she now laid back on the table and spread her legs, giving me easy access to her juicy twat.

I scooted the stool up getting into the perfect position. I kissed around the perimiter of her pubic hair, it's very soft golden brown strands tickling my nose. Starting at the bottom I gently kissed my way up her closed slit. When I'd reached the top my fingers parted it wide, opening it's juicy insides to me.

Her clit poked out proudly, begging me to tongue it. Wet juice glistened in the dim light as it seeped from her private area. Slowly I gently kissed up and down each side, teasing her pussy lips. Her moaning got to me, and I couldn't help then but to impale her with my tongue. In and out it licked her hot slit, lapping up the juices that were flowing from her fuck hole. My fiancee's gasps and moans echoed in the room.

My tongue's efforts delighted her, if the sounds she was making were any indication. Suddenly she let out a loud squeal and I was hit with a blast of cunt juice! I lapped up as much as I could, which prolonged her orgasm.

I moved up to her neglected clit and inhaled it, sucking it while sliding two fingers inside her body. They curved around and found her g-spot. I hammered it repeatedly causing her to literally scream with delight. Her orgasms were coming like a jackhammer's blows, one right after the other. Hot cunt juice exploded from her loins, soaking her pubic hair and my face. Her entire body was jerking and shaking making it hard for me to hang on.

Finally she grabbed my by my hair and pulled me off. "Oh baby. Fuck that was good.... Cock! Get your cock up here and let me suck it!" She really emphasized the word SUCK.

I had already undone my jeans and was stroking my pecker while eating my bride to be's pussy, so it was a quick and easy job to get out of my clothes. I hopped up on to the table, kneeling beside her head. She practically inhaled my cock, taking it right to the back of her throat.

I leaned over working one hand back into her slick slit. My other hand caressed her big titties, getting her nipples hard and perky. My cock meanwhile swelled with the wonderful feelings her tongue was giving it.

I looked down at her, to see her slip my cock from her mouth and rub it all over her face. Saliva was thick and it smeared all over her pretty face. Returning my prick to her mouth, she began to really suck, her tongue swirling all over it. Her hand formed an O ring at the base of my cock, pumping it rapidly.

Over and over she brought me right to the edge of orgasm, only to pull out and stop at the last second. I'm not sure if it was my whimpering or her distraction from being finger fucked, but finally she got me right to the edge where I could not return. "Oh baby I'm gonna blow!" I yelled.

She just moaned really loud, not removing my cock from her hot mouth. My first blast of cum shot straight into her mouth. Before my second shot ejected she opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue. My next blast landed on her sexy tongue. My remaining spunk splattered all over her face from the jerking she was doing to my prick.

As I gazed down at her, she took my prick and rubbed it all over her face, smearing my cum all over. Gazing into my eyes she gave the tip of my dripping dick a delicate kiss. "Hey sexy, " she said looking up, "instead of going out, let's go back to my place. I have the number for pizza delivery and a whole box of condoms!"

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