Afternoon at Adult Theater [FMMM]

It was Monday and I was out running errands. As I drove, I noticed an adult theater and completely on a whim, and no doubt because I was feeling horny, swung into the parking lot and went inside. I guess was hoping against hope to find a couple and maybe watch them fool around with each other, though I knew it was highly unlikely on a Monday afternoon. Little did I know, I was in for a surprise and a first for me.

The theater was large and dark. As my eyes adjusted, I was excited to see a middle-aged man with a slim 30-something wife sitting at the end of a large couch directly in front of me. Several men were standing around watching, and as I moved closer and grew accustomed to the darkness, I could see another man kneeling on the floor between her legs, his face buried in her pussy!

Judging by the little sounds she was making, she was definitley enjoying it. Here husband's attention seemed to alternate between his wife and the closely gathered men, who I could now see had their cocks out and were stroking themselves. I quickly became one of those men.

I was standing directly behind the couch only a foot away in a prime position. I watched with rapt attention, and began to move my hand up and down my large erection.

After a few minutes the man between her legs stood up and started jacking off. She turned and leaned over toward a second man who was seated next to her. She buried her head in his lap, apparently sucking his cock, which I could not see. In this new postion, her pretty ass was presented to her husband and those of us nearby.

With her husband's nod of consent, we proceeded feel her, first through the fabric of her skirt and then, raising that, on her bare ass. I observed that I was standing with her husband's face near my now very hard and large cock, and he kept taking little looks at it. That was fine with me.

When the man in her mouth came, the woman, now quite clearly a very attractive brunett, got up and went to the restroom. I took the opportunity to move around to the front of the couch, and sat down next to where she had been sitting. I said hello to her husband and learned they were supposed to be meeting another couple at the theater.

When she returned she sat back down, now right next to me. After a few minutes of watching the movie and looking at me out of the corner of her eye, she leaned over to her husband and asked him something as she glanced over at me. He said it was "her day" and to do whatever she wanted. At that, she sat up and seemed to sit a little closer to me. But she seemed a little hesitant to make the first move, and she sat there looking straight ahead at the movie that was playing on the screen at the front of the room.

Not sure how to break the ice, I began to gently caress her bare arm and shoulder. She smiled when I complimented her on her smooth skin. I moved my hand to her breasts and was pleased to discover that they were wonderful. I caressed and massaged her medium size, firm tits through the thin fabric of her tank top. Then, I boldly lifted her top up to reveal two very nice breasts with perfect areolas and nipples like pencil erasers. Without forethought I leaned forward, and she moaned loudly as I sucked a nipple into my mouth.

I was suddenly overcome by the desire to feel her hot mouth on my cock. I sat up and then, surprising to me now, I kneeled on the couch putting my crotch level with her face. I unzipped and pulled my pants down, taking my large, hard cock out and presenting it right in front of her face. She and her husband shared a look and then she took me into her beautiful, hot mouth, making me moan unintentionally. The sensation was ecstatic. And the scene was extremely erotic. In that position, everyone could clearly watch her full lips moving up and down on my wet cock.

She proceeded to really get into sucking me. She was clearly enjoying it. So I took my time, occasionally taking my cock out for everyone to see and rubbing it all over her face, then reinserting it into her obviously eager mouth.

She was quite good and I approached orgasm passionately, barely in control, holding her head as I fucked her mouth. When I announced breathlessly that I was going to come, every bit of attention in the room was focused on us. As I erupted into her mouth with a cry, she kept sucking without pause, making my orgasm long and frenzied. Another guy, the one who had been eating her, announced he was coming too, but I was too distracted to notice where he shot.

As I calmed down, she eased her mouth off my cock without spilling a drop. I noted with satisfaction that she must have swallowed some, because a I come a lot. And then she did something that blew my mind.. I thought she was going to stand and go to the restroom as she had done before, but she turned to her husband, and to my great surprise and excitement, THEY LEANED INTO EACH OTHER, KISSING PASSIONATELY, CLEARLY SHARING MY CUM!

..Now all I can think of is having another similar experience with an attractive woman and her man. This couple said they would be back the following Monday, which was yesterday, but I made a point of being there around the same time and they did not show.

If you and your wife or girlfriend might be interested, please let me know. I live in Tampa. I'm 35, 6'4, 210, attractive, healthy & safe, friendly, passionate, imaginative, and well-endowed. And, of course, I'd be very discreet.

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