A Tentacle Revenge

Sue hid her emotions as she saw her Aunty.

    "Oh its you" her Aunty said "How was school?"

The high school student hesitated briefly, she had promised

herself not to show even the slightest hint of weakness to her Aunt.

"It was good Aunty.  I'm going to study in my bedroom.  See

you at dinner."

    The high school student stepped into her room and closed the

door. Once safe inside her own little sanctuary she fell onto her bed crying. Tears ran down her cheeks as she recalled the constant harassment that she received from her fellow students. She looked up briefly at the picture of her deceased father, and her mothers wedding ring in front of it.

    "Mom, Dad I don't know how much longer I can go on."

She closed her eyes and muffled her crying in her pillow.

Then she felt something, the lightest of touches against her


"I can help you." said the voice almost imperceptibly soft.


"I have felt your pain, and I can help you."

The touch became a little stronger.

"I have heard the names that the call you, I have seen how

leave you out of there little groups, I know how they treat you."

    It stroked her back softly.

"I have seen your anger, that moment where you wish to hurt

them to make them suffer the way you suffer."

    The sensation slid around her stomach almost hugging her.

"But I-I can't" Sue whimpered.

"I can give you that power, I can give you the ability to

avenge yourself."

    It brushed a little over her developing chest and rubbed

slightly against her cotton panties.

 "What do you want from me?"

 "I desire your virginities, to penetrate your body sexually."

    Sue hesitated,

 "I've heard what they call you" said the voice

    Sue nodded softly

     "I know that isn't the worst aspect of it, I have seen that

they ostracize you, shut you off from all there activities. I know that not a single one of them has ever treated you as a friend. I have felt your dread every day you wake knowing you have to do to that school, I have watched you as you cry your heart out on your bed, I know your deepest darkest desires for revenge and I can fulfill those desires."

   Sue stood up a little unsteadily, her mind made up.

     "What must I do?" she asked.

 "We will make your mothers ring be the token of our covenant, place

it upon your ring, You will know what to do."

   Sue picked up her Mother's wedding ring, and slid her finger

into it. As her finger penetrated the ring her mind was filled with knowledge and her body with occult power. Strange runes etched themselves onto the ring band glowing in an elderish light.

   She read those runes speaking the forbidden words in a dark
   and demonic tongue.

   She chanted those words of power,
   words that can bind and words that can loosen.

   When she said the last syllable of spell she felt the world

darken around her and a strange breeze blow against her skin. The light touches against her skin became solid and warm. She reached under her skirt and tugged down her panties giving them access to her young sex.

    The tentacles slid over her juvenile body, coiling like snakes

around her legs and arms, the phallic tipped limbs hoisted her into the air and spread her legs painfully wide. She felt one of the green tentacles pressed against the virgin lips of her sex, and then force its way into her body.

     Sue gasped as she felt the penetration, the tentacle sliding

up into her body as it stretched to accommodate the phallus. There was pain but there was also something else, pleasure. She felt a strange power full sensation of pleasure are the tentacle cock forced its way threw her webby hymen.

     Her back arced a little as she felt the sensations run threw

her body, the intense feeling of the thick tentacle stroking inside of her recently deflowered vagina, the almost confronting feeling of the other tentacles holding her tight. She did not struggle or protest this violation of her body, indeed she was beginning to find the whole experience profoundly enjoyable.

 She felt another tentacle, slick with some sort of slimy

fluid press up against her asshole. Sue breathed deeply trying to relax herself totally as she felt the double penetration begin. Stroking in time with the tentacle in vagina she felt the powerful forces of those two mighty thrusting pseudopods violate her deeply.

     Her pleasure grew and when she saw a third dripping tentacle

approaching her mouth she didn't pull away, in fact she opened her mouth and reached for the penis like extension. She sucked hungrily on that tentacle like a lamb sucking on a teat.

 Sue's body was responding deeply to the overwhelming

sensations. Every part of her was being touched, stroked, molested or penetrated. She shook and then shuddered, pleasure building, overflowing and then transforming into a wonderful orgasm. For an eternal instant the world was transformed into perfect purified bliss, for an ecstatic moment she felt that she understood everything.

     The pleasure and the tentacles faded.  She was deposited

softly on her bed, she lay there waiting for tomorrow and her revenge.

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