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Edward Grable was among the greatest lovers who had ever lived. Were sex an art form, galleries would have devoted entire wings to the master and his work during his lifetime, studies in the evolution of his genius. The aura of artistry surrounded him, and people who coveted his secret hovered Read more

Suzi and Brett

Suzi had always been quite adventurous when sex was any part of the equation. The 24-year-old, who had spent most of her life thus far living in and around Seattle, was known as one of the “easiest” girls to bed during her high school and college years. Not only was she wanton and loose Read more

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It was early December, and with a sad smile, I turned my body sideways and took in the sight in the full length mirror. Thirty-seven years of age, and six months pregnant. The sight was fine, it was the situation that I was in which was bad. No, I was extremely happy when I found I was pregnant, Read more

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Howard had sent Scott out of town, and it was a Monday morning, Deanna walked into Howard’s office and he had Suki, laid across his desk as he was thrusting his massive cock in and out of her pussy as she was screaming. Suki was the new Korean wife that was married to a young attorney named Read more

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Dear Eddie I really like your emails. You seem like such a sweet guy. I’d like you to buy me dinner at a nice restaurant, drinks and dancing. I have little black dress I think you’d like, very short, very tight and very low-cut. My 34DD tits are almost bursting out. I hope you like Read more

One for the road

The 14-hour days were killing her, nine in as many days. At least this crisis was over, but Vanessa knew that there was another one waiting around the corner. This was not at all what she’d thought she signed up for when she’d sold her business to those morons from New York. Initially, Read more