Jewel’s Debauchery

Jewel burst into the hotel room and threw her purse in the corner. Touring was hell, and today had been one of those days that made her want to quit the business all together. Her feet ached, but she barely had enough energy to remove her shoes. She flipped the TV on and lay back on the soft king Read more

Wife experiences

Now he was pumping her in earnest. I guess he figured it was his turn to cum now. Do you like it he asked her. Oo yes, yes I love it. You have the tightest little cunt I have ever had, squeeze it some more, he said I could see my wife tense up and bare down. She begin moving her ass to meet his Read more

My mature wife

This is a true story??, it happened last summer. First I will give you a little background on us. My wife is fifty years old, but to look at her you would think she was in her early forties She is the type of lady that carries her self with a lot of class, and has a sexy charm about her. . She is Read more

His Prescious Possession

The phone call at her office in which he told her he wanted her came unexpectedly. She was in a business meeting at the time, and his words distracted her from her work. It also excited her, and she was ready to do whatever he had in mind. He hadn’t always been clear about what he expected, Read more