Hockey Groupies

The ladies in question are big hockey fans,and we all live near a large mid-western city that has a minor leauge hockey team.The two main particpants are Kelly and Sue.Both girls make it a sport of seeing which hockey player they can get for the season.And both girls are on the heavy Read more

Young Adonis

He was fresh from the wars and had earned much glory there. He had seen men hacked limb from limb. Blood had been spilled around him, some by his own sword, and he had waded in it, until he was knee-deep in carnage. Broken bones and mutilated flesh had been his daily fare. With Rome s soldiers he Read more

The bizarre Baroness

Quite a few years ago, when I was 18, my father decided I should learn French, after all my grandmother was Belgium, and he send me to stay with a family in France during the summer. The village was small, somewhere in the Landes, and the house, a big, old and rambling “chateaux”, or Read more


When I told my friend Beth about Lord Malinov’s Castaway Island orgy the first thing she did was find Malinov’s Castle on the Web so she could see what the last one was like. I had no intention of going, of course, but it was something to talk about. Next she called me up and asked me Read more


As I drove to the office the next day, I spent some time thinking about the powers I had, and about what was important to me, and about, well, life. You may not believe it, but the thought of getting rid of Reward even crossed my mind. When my family got home, I realized how much, even with all the Read more