Halloween Visitor (mf)

Have you ever been in an overly crowded room when it went completely silent? It's eerie. I was dressed up as James Bond at a Halloween party. We were all pretty much crowded into one large room, when this gorgeous babe walked into the party stark naked. No one said a word, but the party host Read more

Taboo sex at the pool

Amy Kelleher happily wriggled on Jimmy Hightower's lap, sucking his tongue and purring. She was being careful, though, bracing herself on the chair arms - she probably weighed as much as he did, and she didn't want to hurt him. Frankly, it would be best at this point if he failed to Read more

Elsie and the Message

Elsie comes and cleans for us every now and then, and I've had the hots for her ever since I first interviewed her. Of course, it's very hard to start something with an employee, especially when you're living with another woman. But Kathy was out at some girl's breakfast that day, so my Read more

Antiseptic Wash

First year at Medical School in a large Eastern University Medical Center and I had to work my way through college, my parents so stiff with money it practically choked the life out of me. Still, I lucked out and got a night time job in the children's ward, empting bed pans and doing all the Read more